Sell Clinics, Camps, or Classes right from your Tennis or Fitness Calendar

Offering a recurring paid clinic or set of classes just became easier than ever for our Swim and Tennis clubs and HOAs. Products can be added to either your Tennis reservation grid or one of up to 6 other customizable grids. Pricing can be for members only, members and non-members, and capacity size can be limited. So you know, people don’t end up breathing on each other.

Set up is super quick. One of your Board Members will make a product, for example “Tennis Clinic”. Make a reservation using that product as the reservation type. Repeat for as many days of the week or weeks in a row the clinic is offered, and wah-lah! That’s it!

Our clients that Beta tested this sold Stroke Clinics, Yoga Classes, Water Aerobics, Early Hours Adult Lap Swim,  Private Lessons, Tennis Round Robins, Tennis Clinics, and more!

Got time for a 6 minute tutorial?

Options you can set…

Need a refresher after watching the video? Let’s took another look at some of the options you can set once you’ve added your product to the reservation grid.

Product – Obvious enough, right. Just remember, if you plan on repeating this clinic or class on multiple dates, the product selected is copied and given a unique name based on the date. So be sure your base product has a generic title like “Men’s Tennis Clinic” and does NOT include the date in the title. Once copied to multiple days the products would ultimately be titled like “Men’s Tennis Clinic – Aug 3, 2020”

Call to Action – This could be the clinic instructor’s name, for example “Enroll with Coach Fred”

Members Only – If no, then anyone viewing the calendar or daily grid could purchase. If set to yes, only signed in members can purchase

Amount Sold – The number of people enrolled. This number is incremented automatically when the product is purchased, but it can also be manually changed. For example, if someone paid off-site or backed out of attending.

Max Available/Class Capacity – Limit the number of times this product can be purchased via the grid by setting the capacity. Once the Amount Sold equals this value, the purchase link is no longer available on the grid or calendar. Set this to No Limit if you do not want to cap the number of sales.

Variable Pricing Options – All products can have variable pricing, for example, 1 person attending, 2 people, etc. In this case, each variable price would count toward the number of people enrolled. So for example, whatever the first option is would count toward 1 person coming. The second option would count as 2 people coming. And so on for as many variable options as you set. This would allow you to set price breaks if someone purchased for multiple attendees at once.

Alternatively, these options can be set to Member and Non-Member prices. If this is the case, both options would only count as 1 person attending.

Post Purchase Note – Add a note in the follow up receipt email the buyer receives.

Copy on receipts – Your Treasurer will always receive notifications of purchases, but you can use this option to add other people to be notified. Obviously the person teaching the clinic or class will probably want to be emailed.

Repeat and rinse…

Your Tennis Director or other approved Board Member has the option of repeating any reservation type on multiple courts, multiple days of the week, or for multiple weeks in a row. For example, in one shot, they could reserve Courts 1 & 2, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for up to 52 weeks in a row.  If the reservation type is a product, there is one very important option! Let’s first review the repeating options which appear on the reservation page (directly below the content in the previous screenshot)…

Create New Product Each Booking – As mentioned earlier, setting this to Yes will make a unique product in the backend, by taking the base product name and adding the date. For example, “Ladies Clinic Aug 30, 2020”.  Each product will have it’s own purchase history, attendee count, and everything else you’d expect from it being it’s own thing.

So what happens if this is set to No? The same product will be booked on multiple times, days, weeks, whatever. Which means if the capacity is filled for one of the bookings, it is filled for them all. This would be the ideal setup for a Summer Camp, or other type class where people are buying once but receiving multiple sessions. So for example, if the product was “Tuesday Night Round Robins in August”, and occurred every Tuesday in August, you would probably want to sell it as a package deal for every Tuesday.

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