Viewing which Members have paid vs which have not yet

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Viewing which Members have paid vs which have not yet

  Membership FAQ  

From the Board Member Dashboard > Members > Membership Overview page, you can see each of your members and what they will be invoiced for in the coming season. You can also sort this page to only show certain members. For example, those that have no yet paid this year. Or the opposite, you can see only the members that have paid.

Sorting by Paid or Unpaid

Above the membership list, open the toggle containing the filtering options. Choose whether to only show paid or unpaid members.

Note that members on Automatic Recurring plans are excluded from the unpaid list even if they have not yet been billed for the coming season. We do not consider them unpaid as they have a billing agreement in place to automatically pay on a specific date.

For this reason you can also sort the page to show Yearly Recurring Members, Yearly Recurring Members Yet to Rebill, or members on monthly Installment Plans.

Viewing the list by Name or Expiration

By default the list of members is arranged by last name, but it can be helpful to arrange this by expiration date. Hover over the column names and choose either Member Expiration or Next Automatic Billing to sort by date.

A note about expirations: since Swim and Tennis Clubs are typically on yearly cycles, we can usually assume anyone that expires in the current year needs to pay the club for the upcoming Summer. Whereas if they expire anytime in the following year, this means they’ve already paid for the current year (as their Membership payment would have extended their expiration 1 year).

Other ways to see who is a Member in good standing…

From the Board Member Dashboard > Members > Current Standings By Date (under the Membership Director Tools box), you can view a heat-map style list of standings.

Viewing the Current Date

By default this page will show you standings by the current date. So for example, if today is Feb 28 and your members (not on recurring plans) are set to expire April 15, this page should show mostly green rows. Even though these members have not yet paid for the upcoming Summer, their expiration dates are still about 45 days away. So they can continue to reserve courts and access the Member’s Only areas of the site.

Jumping Forward in Time

If we change the date to sometime closer to Summer, you will no longer see as many memberships in good standing. Rows in orange show members that will have expired at this point (assumed they still haven’t paid by then).

Notice in the screenshot, some members have stayed light green, which are those on automatic recurring plans. And we have one member in green that has an expiration of October 20.  This member most likely joined the club on October 20th the previous year. It would be up to the Board to decide if this member is due to pay for the upcoming Summer or not. Non-recurring membership expirations can be adjusted manually.

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