Special Cases for your Tennis Grid

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Special Cases for your Tennis Grid

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This page allows you to block off courts at specific times on weekly basis or extend / shorten reservation lengths on a per-time basis. For example, you may want to…

  • Allow any 8am reservation Monday through Friday to be up to 3 hours instead of whatever your normal reservations lengths are.

  • Restrict Courts 1 and 2 to be un-reservable (or first-come, first serve) on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

  • Combine special cases to funnel members into reserving the same start times with a max time limit. For example, you could block off 5:30 time slots, forcing members to choose 5:00pm, then restrict every reservation type to a max of 1 hour. So every court would then be open again at 6pm.

Example 1: Blocking off courts

Let’s set up something similar to the last example mentioned above. Begin by naming your special grid case. This is an internal name only, and is not visible on the grid.

Next choose “Block Off Times on the Grid”.

We should note here, this is NOT the only way to block off the grid on a recurring basis. Tennis Directors can create weekly reservations, for example, every Monday at 2pm on Courts 1 & 2 for 8 weeks in a row, but those are actual reservations. What we’re doing here simply disables the grid at these times, making it slightly more flexible to turn on and off. Whereas a real reservation would need to actually be cancelled.

Now let’s choose which courts and which days of the week we want to block off.

We will also set the time slot increments we want to block off. Every “special case” can have up 12 time slots that can be block. You can create as many special cases as you want so you’ll never run out of possible times to block off.

After saving our new special case, let’s take a look at how this has changed the grid.

You’ll notice strips of grey in all the half-hour segments we blocked off. Your members can no longer reserve these spots on the grid (your tennis director can still reserve these).

And obviously, these times are blocked on our iOS and Android apps as well.

Example 2: Making an exception to our usual reservation lengths

Continuing with our example above, if a member tried to reserve the 5:00pm slot, they would only see a reserve time of 30 minutes available (because one of the time slots we blocked off was 5:30)

Most of the time this is exactly what your Tennis Director will want (and expect) from blocking off the court. Except if we add a new special case and change the reservation length at 5pm, it will allow members to reserve INTO the 5:30 block.

Why do this? By combining special cases like this, you could  make it so members have to reserve on the start of the hour, and leave at the end of the hour.

So let’s make a new rule that will make it so 5pm start times are 60 minutes in length. Again, start by titling  this rule anything you want (members can’t see it).


Again, choose the courts and days of the week you want this special case to affect.

Then choose the start time who want to override the normal reservation length for. This will override every reservation type (see the second screenshot for reference) 

That’s it!

Your normal reservation lengths will now be ignored (these are setup in your Court Reservation Settings)

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