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How do we add new sponsors?

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Your Sponsorship Coordinator is in charge of adding new Sponsor promotions to the footer of the site and app. This is done in the Manage Sponsors section for the Sponsorship dashboard module. Along with any existing sponsors, you will see a screen like this…

Fill in the website, name, and promo text, and upload an image for the sponsor. It is recommended that sponsor images are no larger than 250 wide and 250 in height. We also recommend you keep a square ratio. For example, a 250 by 250 image will look better than one 250 by 150 in our app.

We suggest using JPG format, and the lower the file size the better. Remember, you might have a lot of sponsors eventually, so to keep load times low, you want to keep sizes low.

The Phone Number is optional, so you can safely leave it blank.

The Order field is important if your sponsorship product has different tiers: for example, Gold, Silver, or Bronze levels. The lower the order number, the higher the Sponsor will appear on your page.  So all Gold sponsors could be put in at 1, all Silver at 2, and all Bronze at 3.

Or, to really fine tune their placement, Gold could be 1, 2,3, 4, 5, Silver 6,7,8,9,10, and Bronze 11,12,13, etc.

This Order number also affects how often the Sponsor’s ad randomly appears within the app.

If your Sponsorship product only has one price (i.e., you only have one tier of sponsorship), you could assign these numbers on a first-come basis.

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