Do more for Sponsors.
Sponsoring your club should not be a feel-good donation for local businesses. It should be a unique opportunity to connect with your community.
A logo on a shirt is nice and all, buuuut....
If your club is asking $1500 for a Platinum level sponsorship and $250 for Bronze, you have to create more incentives than just rows on a T-shirt.

Our software ensures your higher level sponsors are "thanked" far more often than lower tier ones.
Real impressions.
Whether your sponsor is a restaurant owner, real estate agent, or a member running an Etsy shop, the value in sponsoring is obvious - they need to be recognized by your community... over and over again. Here's where our system will give your sponsors those "thank you" impressions...
After Reservations
After Checking In
On the Website Footer
Within 1000's of Emails
One tap away.
Our communities with pool, tennis, or fitness reservation grids remind members of their generous sponsors with subtle after-reservation opportunities.

Members are only one tap away from visiting your sponsor's website or calling them.

Tens of thousands of emails.
Notifications, reminders, event emails, and newsletters sent from your website will pick two random sponsor promotions each email. Our random algorithm shows higher level sponsors more often. Keep in mind, most of your sponsors are members so throughout the entire year they will see their sponsorship money was well-spent.
Help them boost their local SEO.
All sponsors appear in the footer of your website. Search engines look for quality links from one site to another and your site gets relatively high traffic in your local area. For businesses this makes it enticing to sponsor at multiple local clubs running our software.
Check-in Kiosk.
For clubs that use our kiosk to track pool / club use, sponsor promos appear after members or residents enter the facility. And of course, our random algorithm shows higher level sponsors more often.

Your sponsors get all that, plus...
All the great things you normally do for sponsors! If your past Platinum sponsors are expecting a plaque with the Swim Team photo, you should certainly keep offering that. Your club can list out each sponsor incentive by medal-level in a format like this...

Automatically billed.
You call it a "sponsorship", but businesses will see this as "advertising". And as far as advertising goes, this is a no-brainer. Your Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum sponsorship products automatically bill sponsors yearly because affordable advertising is an easy commitment for any business owner (and they've got better things to do than rebuying ads they've already bought).

Your volunteer time is better spent finding new sponsors, not reminding current ones to pay again.
Our clients' sponsors love what they're getting so much now...
We've created a sister-site for sponsors to find other PoolDues-powered clubs with available sponsorships.


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