Tennis Pro Booking Software

Help your Pros.

They'll help find your next member.

Let your instructors create clinics or other events and get paid offsite using their own Venmo or Paypal accounts.

Wait Lists

Make sure clinics are always at full capacity by enabling a wait list for each one. If a member drops out, the website will automatically email anyone waiting to sign up. You can even transfer the entire wait list to a different clinic!

Offsite Payments

Every clinic-style reservation can include an offsite payment prompt, link and optional QR code (or other image). Confirmation emails will include payment instuctions and QR codes. Instructors can then manually mark off attendees as paid. Reminder emails can also be sent to help collect fees.

Always Integrated!

Offer clinics to active members, their children, or even their guests. Instructors can choose which type of sign-ups are allowed on a per clinic basis. Members will select from a drop-down of people they can sign up (if anyone). If non-members are allowed, those guest emails can later be used to send membership offers too!

Your volunteer Treasurer has enough to do. Paying out instructors does not have to be one of them.

Curious how this all looks?

A typical clinic sign-up will look like the following screenshot to members. Members can find clinics or other free-to-RSVP reservations on the same grid they book courts. Calendar-style views can give members an overview of the month's upcoming clinics. Instructors can publicize upcoming clinics by emailing members.

Got 60 seconds? View the settings your instructors can choose from when creating a new clinic or event...

Instructors can quickly manage their events

Members can be moved on or off a wait list, mark as paid or unpaid, signed up manually by the instructor, or transferred to a different reservation if they are on a wait list. If one clinic gets filled, another can be held to make sure every interested attendee has a chance to participate.

A strong tennis program is a member amenity!

Attract pros by giving them the best tools available to earn at your club! In turn, they will bring in prospective members.

Some of our clients that are generating more revenue AND making volunteer-life easier!

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