When the Sub-Account becomes the new Primary on the Account.

PoolDues v.7 Documentation

When the Sub-Account becomes the new Primary on the Account.

  Membership FAQ  

We try to make it as simple and quick as possible for members to pay. When your Treasurer sends mass invoices, we are sending one to every member that needs to pay, the invoice instructs them to add a product to the cart (what they paid last year), and then check out.

No password or PIN is required to pay their dues from an invoice.

Your Treasurer can decide to invoice both the Primary and Sub Account in a family, if there is one. Either one could pay for their membership and if we detect that a Sub-Account paid, we make them the new Primary.

Over time the system is learning who usually pays, so after a few summers you could probably invoice just the Primary accounts. It’s also important to remember that your membership data on file might not have the member’s preferred Paypal address.  So you might invoice a work email, but once in the shopping cart the member types into the Email Field the address they use with Paypal. Remember Paypal is processing the payment, not the website.

Most of your members have already used Paypal before so the checkout process rarely involves entering a credit card.

When Paypal pings back to your website, we may see that a Sub-Account has paid this year, so we assume that is more than likely going to happen next year.

This is why we always make the more recent purchaser the Primary on the account. Again, we’re learning who pays over time.

When a Sub-Account and Primary switch places, the new Primary inherits some data from the new Sub Account. For example, we would copy over children’s names so the new Primary doesn’t need to enter that information again. We don’t overwrite existing phone numbers or other information that would be specific to a particular person. We would keep in place data like Year Joined, Residency type (in/out of neighborhood), etc.

Members will see zero interruption with their accounts if the Primary and Sub-Account swap places.


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