To-Do Documentation

To-Do Item Documentation

The Notes system has a special type of note called a To-Do. Every Board Member can create a To-Do item for….

– For everyone on the Board
– For everyone in a particular Board Role (for example, all Social directors)
– For the Communication Director (a newsletter request)
– For the entire Membership


Quick Board Member To-Do

Let’s create a To-Do item for the entire Board. Start here…

Next choose the following settings…

Board Role is set to Any Board Member. Who Can Edit is set to Anyone in this Role. Categorize is set to To-Do. And Note Title should be a quick summary of what needs doing. Note Body (not seen above) allows you to add detailed instructions on what needs doing.

We could be done at this point. If you were to save this To-Do item at this point, it would show up for all Board Members in the dashboard.

Make a Non-Board Member do it for a change…

Let’s go a bit further with this example and give this task to the general membership. If you scroll down you’ll see a toggle for To-Do Options…

Here you can be a little more specific about who this audience is intended for, whether or not it is Urgent, or if you are simply logging this To-Do item as something that is being done, completed or abandoned altogether, you can do that too.


If we were to set this to For the Entire Membership. It would appear in the general Member Dashboard.

Here’s how this example would look to a member in their dashboard if it were Urgent…

If a member clicked on Read More, they would then be able to Do this Task or Mark it Completed.

If they clicked Do this Task it would become invisible for other members. If they clicked Mark Completed, they could leave a note about the task they did.

Checking the Progress of a To-Do

If a Board Member sees the To-Do item has disappeared from the general Member Dashboard, they can tap Search Board Notes to check the progress…

Here they will see all recent Notes or To-Do items listed, including who volunteered to do this task.

The Board Member could decide to email the volunteer to check if they need help with the task, Edit it, Delete it or Mark it Completed.

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