Transferring Domain to GoDaddy or other registrar

Step 1: Get an authorization code from your current registrar (and turn off transfer lock)…

Step 2: Copy the code

Step 3: Go to new registrar (like GoDaddy). Sign up for an account if you don’t have one already. After signing in, go to Domain Transfer

Step 4: Search for your domain then enter the Authorization code you copied earlier.

Step 5: Follow any remaining prompts to pay for the domain. Ignore any upsell options like add-on hosting.

Step 6: Once the domain transfer is complete. We simply need to point the DNS (Domain Name Servers) to the PoolDues server. Go to your Domains then find DNS

Step 7: Go to Name Servers, then enter the following (in any order)…





Step 8: All done! Let us know when it’s ready.

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