Tween Party Night Ideas

Tween Party Night Ideas
February 15, 2019 Justin at PoolDues

Tween Party Night Ideas


Those of us with tweens in our lives know how much they love their iPads, iPhones, and XBoxes and how fickle they are about what activities they’re willing to do. Why not throw a tween night at the club? Let’s get these kids away from their devices for a few hours and let them actually interact with each other!

Here are a few ideas to keep your club’s tweens engaged on a tween party night:

  • Poolside movie night – set up a screen by the pool so kids can float on inflatables in the pool while watching the movie

  • Indoor movie night – have kids bring their pillows and blankets to get comfy while watching the movie

  • Team trivia

  • Ice cream bar

  • Popcorn bar

  • Build your own pizza bar

  • Group Mad Libs

  • Name That Tune

  • Balloon badminton – set up a badminton net and use either badminton racquets or hands to pass a ballon across the net

  • Talent show

  • Board games

  • Twister contest

  • Video game tournament

  • Interactive scavenger hunt – have kids take pictures of scavenger hunt items

  • Photo booth with props

  • Stargazing

  • Pumpkin carving

  • Tie-dye tshirts

  • Ping pong tournament

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