Use Your Pool Dues Storefront for Crowd-Funded Purchases

Does your club need new playground equipment? Or updated tennis scoreboards? What about a kegerator?

These are types of things that some of your members want but not all members want. So why not use crowdfunding to pay for items that only a portion of your members will use? If the whole club isn’t going to use an item, the whole club shouldn’t have to pay for it.

For example, families with young children should help pay for a new swingset.

Tennis players should help pay for a new scoreboard.

Beer drinkers should help pay for a kegerator. (Read our discussion about kegerators here.)

Here’s how your Pool Dues Storefront can help. Administrators can use the Board Member Dashboard for this.

  1. Create a new product in the store for the item, such as a new swingset.
  2. Set a suggested price. (We think a suggested price of $20 is about right for any type of crowd-funded item, regardless of the type of item. People don’t think too much of dropping 20 bucks for something, and while it might take longer to purchase the item if people only pay $20 a pop, you’ll never buy the item if you ask for a large donation that no one pays.)
  3. Include a name-your-price option so that people who really want the item can pay more to get it purchased faster.
  4. Send out a newsletter and use your social media feeds (like your Facebook Group) to let members know about the crowdfunding campaign.
  5. Use Club News to let members know how far along the campaign is.
    • Create a new Headline or News Item
    • At the bottom of the page, unfold for fundraising options to add to your headline
    • Select your item from the pulldown menu and the real-time amount currently fundraised will show!


Pool Dues has all of these capabilities built right into your Storefront, so all you need to do is type in the name of the item, type in a price, let your members know about it, and you’re set! Your Pool Dues site is so easy to use that it automatically calculates how much progress your fundraising campaign has made to-date.

So why not use variable pricing to crowdfund specific items for your club? Try it out and see how easy it is to get the right people to pay for new and fun things at the club!

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