Using Paypal? Great! Now use it better!

Using Paypal? Great! Now Use it Better
June 13, 2018 Justin at PoolDues

Fortunately, more neighborhood pools and clubs are starting to use PayPal for their member dues. Only collecting checks these days would be like choosing to only talk on a landline phone.

The problem is that your club is probably just jumping straight from a Buy Now link on your website to PayPal’s site. And, as of June 2018, that problem gets worse.

The main issue here is that PayPal isn’t a good member billing / reporting backend. It processes credit card and echeck payments for your customers just fine, but it doesn’t sort your payments by product. Or list what customers bought what. You can perform searches, but anyone that has tried searching PayPal knows how problematic that is. I’ve been accepting PayPal at for nearly 20 years now, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried searching for a customer by last name and I simply can’t find them (many times their business name nullifies a reasonable search).

Doing a lot of business through PayPal is one of those  “good problems,” but the more options / products / services your club chooses to sell, the more trouble it is to sort through payments if your backend doesn’t sort it for you. Keep in mind, I’ve talked to many club Treasurers that will say, “oh it isn’t that hard to just manually log each payment in Quickbooks (or whatever they use).” But every time I hear that, I think, “Even if it isn’t that hard, it doesn’t need to be done at all”. It’s 2018. Technology has got this!

What many clubs currently do. The membership is probably $530, but this club has added in $16 for Paypal fees

Where a proper payment portal comes in…

The Pool Dues backend will organize everything by product for you. You’ll quickly be able to see how much of each product has sold, how much those products have earned, and links so you can see details on each sale (including, of course, which customer purchased the item).

And that’s just the beginning. Imagine being able to set up recurring billing options (automatic payments). Or, if the member does a 1-time payment, wouldn’t it be nice to automatically begin reminding them to pay again? And send another reminder….and another… Pool Dues can do that!

You can export payment info to CSV sorted by date range and then by product or all earnings. You can export customer data as well.

Pool Membership Billing System for Wordpress

Paypal Fees Included…

You’ll notice in the image above the odd price of $567.05. That screenshot is from a club whose membership price is $550 but they are adding in a 3% fee at checkout.

Instead of displaying both the membership price and fee added together, the shopping cart displays them separately. You can label this 3% fee anything you want (and change the %). So it could read:

– Tax
– Tax / Fees
– PayPal Fee
– Convenience Fee
– Credit Card Upcharge

Pool membership software add on Paypal fees

Most people just ignore tax because we are used to seeing it added in. So if your concern is that members will question the PayPal fees being added in, you can keep this labeled as Tax (which is the default cart setting).

Also, if your members are already used to seeing the PayPal fee added into the final price, they’ll understand what the fee is regardless of how it is labeled.

And how do you get to the shopping cart…

As you can see, here at Pool Dues we place a lot of emphasis on design. So take a look at one of our example buttons to sign up…

Unfold and you’ll find details about that specific membership option. The beauty of this is that you can have many options listed on the same page without cluttering it up with too much detail.


See our demo site for an example Member Dues page…

Family Membership – One Time Payment

Unfold for details...

Got kids? This is the membership for you!

Make a one-time payment for your Yearly dues. Click below to pay this fee through Paypal (the final cost includes Paypal charges).

First year members, don’t forget to include your initiation dues if you haven’t already paid them.

PayPal is requiring more security on YOUR end…

As of June 2018, PayPal began requiring SSL certificates from merchants and other upgrades. You can read more about this on PayPal’s site (tap here).

Obviously, your Pool Dues payment portal has an SSL certificate out-of-the-box, and we are hosted on servers that include their other required protocols.

Paypal requiring ssl certificates


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