Wait List Management
Generate more revenue through Application Fees and save time with an automated list.
Pay to apply.
Prospective members must purchase your Application Fee product to get on your wait list. Buyers will automatically be time-stamped on the list, then sent a followup email with club-specific application questions. Your club can then order / sort the wait list based on how members answer those questions.
Why charge an Application Fee?
By charging something, even a small amount like $25-50, your list will have serious applicants only. If you feel the wait time for applicants is getting too long, your club can simply raise Application Fees to slow down the rate of new applicants.

A common mistake we see is clubs that charge nothing to get on their wait list. The list ends up full of people that were never committed to actually waiting, ie, wasting your time. Charging at least a nominal amount will ensure the applicants are serious.
When it's time to make an offer...
Your Membership Director or Treasurer will send invoices to applicants at the top of your wait list. Invoice emails can be sent one at a time or to groups of applicants. Invoices can automatically expire so if an applicant is unresponsive, your volunteers do not need to wait for a "no".

Organization to suit your needs.
We understand some applicants should be offered a membership before others, regardless of when they joined your wait list. For example, if the applicant lives inside your "core" neighborhood.
Prioritize by Date Applied or Customizable Points
When applicants purchase your Application Fee our system will forever note the timestamp of when they joined your wait list. Optionally, your club can choose to award points to applicants that will move them closer to being offered a membership based on how they answer follow-up questions.
Monetize multiple wait lists
If your club offers both Full or Bonded Memberships as well as Temporary Memberships (or Seasonal / Rental memberships), our wait list module can support applicants being on two lists as at once.

For example, your club can capture One-Time Application Fees to wait for a bonded membership, and Additional Yearly Fees for temporary memberships. Most likely, your club has a limited number of temporary memberships, so to offer these on a first-come basis via a secondary wait list makes sense.
Sorting Options
Each of your wait lists can have it's own sub-sort options. This feature could be used to tag applicants based on their application answers. For example, if their occupation could make them your next best board member you might want to note that.
Self-Update / Application Look-up
If applicants will be waiting for multiple years, your club needs a system that will allow them to update their own information over time.
Email all your applicants.
We make it one-click easy to remind your applicants to update their applications with their most recent contact info. Emailing them at least once a year is a great way to touch base, but your club can also market to your applicants by sending them purchase links to social events, swim lessons, tennis clinics, or August Only Memberships.

"Are we there yet??"
Reduce unnecessary emails to your Membership Director by letting applicants see their place in line when they update their information. Whether your club has an initiation fee in the hundreds or thousands, this can help applicants plan ahead for the year they expect to be offered a membership.
Wait Lists are important for renovations.
Big projects typically require Assessments that will trigger some households to cancel their memberships. On the bright side, that frees up space for wait list applicants which will pay high first-year Initiation Fees. To seriously consider an Assessment, your Board has to feel your wait list is robust enough to support the loss of current members.

If your club needs to apply for a loan, banks will ask to see your wait list (we have heard this from multiple clients). This is another reason it is important to charge an actual fee to show your applicants are committed to eventually joining.

Wait List Overview
Generate more revenue through Wait List Application Fees. Our clients typically charge $100 per application, so only 20 applications is an extra $2000 every year. And keep in mind, wait list sales come in ALL year long. In 2021, our Virginia clients with wait lists averaged $6,215, in North Carolina $5,833 and Georgia $3,005.

  • Automatically populate your wait list based on application sales.
  • Follow-up questions sent after Application Fee paid.

  • Applicants can be ordered by purchase-timestamp or points based on follow-up answers.

  • Invoice one or more applicants at a time.

  • Defer applicants, and mark the year they deferred.

  • Applicants can be on more than one list at once (for example, waiting to rent vs waiting for bond).

  • Automatic removal from wait list after a membership product purchase.

  • Customize exactly which membership products remove applicants from the wait list they are on.

  • Customizable wait list sort tags.

  • We will import your current wait list applicants.

  • Communications module can send email to only your wait list applicants.

  • Self-lookup module lets applicants update their information and optionally see their current place in line.

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