Where to Find Domain Forwarding Options in GoDaddy

Where to Find Domain Forwarding Options in GoDaddy

Hard to believe we even have to describe this FOR GoDaddy but here goes in 4 images…

Untoggle Additional Products. Its probably folded up by default, because why make it clear where to find this. Hit Redeem…

Now go to Manage my Products. 

Look for Workplace Email and click Options (not Sign In)

Find that super small link that says Launch Control Panel. If its not the first thing your eye went to, don’t worry. You aren’t alone.


Now that you’ve found your way to their free email forwarding, simply hit Create Forward, and you can begin making emails like info@[yourclub].com


You can also create a “catch all” forward by using an asterix in the beginning.  For example, *@[yourclub].com will send an email not received by another forward to whoever you wish.





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