Why Spring is the Best Time to Advertise on Facebook

In a previous post, we talked about how to advertise your club on Facebook. Today we’re gonna talk about why spring is the best time to advertise on Facebook.

People start thinking about joining a pool when the weather starts to warm up. If you use Facebook to advertise to a targeted (read: local) audience, people will visit your club’s website to find out more about the club.

Some people may want to visit the club before joining, but here’s the reality about the club in spring: the pool is covered, the chairs and tables are still stored away, the gates are locked, you may not have mowed the grounds yet, and your spring cleaning day may not have occurred yet. In other words, your club doesn’t look its best.

That’s why your website and your Facebook page should be the face of your club for prospective members. Let them see the pool at its best – the middle of the summer when everyone is having a blast at your 4th of July party! Or tween night. Or that awesome adults-only party! Let prospective members poke around on your website and see all the events at the club, all the pictures of smiling happy families, and how easy it is to join.

As always, with a Pool Dues website, people can join at any time of the year and their annual billing will occur when they originally purchased their membership. That way everyone gets a full year of membership no matter when they join.



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