PoolDues v.8

The only all-in-one solution for Swim & Tennis clubs / HOA's.

Overview of Service / Cost

•   Base cost $1499 per year.
•   Hosting of your website on one of our dedicated servers.
•   Initial setup.
•   Daily backups.
•   SSL Certificate.
•   Email support and training over Zoom.
•   Unlimited member accounts / store products.
•   All software modules included with our base plan.

Set up process
Included in base price.

•   Rush set up time is typically 3-7 days (if you want to move quickly).
•   Staging sub-domain, for example,
•   Import of your member / resident data.
•   Invoicing and Membership product setup.
•   Test payment to your club's Paypal account.
•   DNS reassignment to make your new website live.

Content Management
Included in base price.

•   Easy page creation platform for events, documents, news, etc.
•   Event Calendar.
•   Volunteer Sign-Up's.
•   Unlimited Shops and Products.
•   Member & Board Member Dashboards.
•   Pool / Club Hours.
•   Board Member page.

Included in base price.

•   E-Commerce platform connected to your club's Paypal account.
•   Unlimited sales revenue, sent directly to you.
•   Automatic recurring payment support.
•   Installment plan support.
•   Smart invoicing system designed specifically for yearly memberships.
•   Export payment history to Quickbooks (or connect QB Online to your Paypal).
•   Discount codes.
•   Option to add-on transaction fees / tax to members.
•   CC anyone on purchase receipts based on product.
•   Payment history stored forever.
•   Exportable member reports (paid, unpaid, yet-to-rebill, expired).
•   Mass Invoicing for unpaid guest balances or concessions.
•   Mark members paid by check or cash.
•   Accountant level access and lower-level Treasurer access.

Included in base price.

•   Member management platform made for STC's / HOAs.
•   Membership products for families, couples, singles, tennis-only / swim-only.
•   Member expiration dates to cut off reservations / site access if unpaid.
•   Member-only access for pages or products.
•   Demographic tracking, year joined, bonds, membership ID's, residency, and dozens of other fields.
•   Export your entire member database at anytime.
•   Member interest tags to segement communications.
•   Member insights.

Wait List
Add-On module. Not included in base price.

•   Generate more revenue through Wait List Application Fees.
•   Automatically generate your wait list based on application sales.
•   Follow-up questions sent after Application Fee paid.
•   Applicants can be ordered by purchase-timestamp or points based on follow-up answers.
•   Invoice one or more applicants at a time.
•   Defer applicants.
•   Applicants can be on more than one list at once (for example, waiting to rent vs waiting for bond).
•   Automatic removal from wait list after a membership product purchase.
•   Customize exactly which membership products remove applicants from the wait list they are on.
•   Customizable wait list sort tags.
•   Import of your current wait list applicants.
•   Communications module can send email to only your wait list applicants.
•   Self-lookup tool lets applicants update their information and see their current place in line.

Tennis Grid
Included in base price.

•   Support for an unlimited number of courts.
•   Customizable reservation types, max lengths, days in advance to reserve, max reservation, etc.
•   Option to require members to list another member they are playing with.
•   Settings to customize limits on a per-member basis or grant special priviledges to Pros.
•   Tennis Director or other staff accounts can repeat reservations, block off courts, up to 52 weeks in advance.
•   Members can book through our iOS app or your mobile-friendly website.
•   Custom post-reservation notes and confirmation emails. For example - "New pad-lock codes are 4321"

Monetize your courts
Some features are not included in our base price.

•   Add clinics, classes or other product-based reservations to the grid.
•   One-click options to create a recurring schedule with unique products, for example "Beginner's Tennis Clinic - $10" every Monday at 5pm
•   Limit capacity by shutting off product sales after a certain amount.
•   Member and Non-Member pricing for grid-based products.
•   Option to show a list of participants (buyers) for each clinic.
•   Send members to a list or calendar view of upcoming free or product-based clinics
•   Allow your pros or instructors to collect money offsite (via Venmo, cash, etc) but mark participants as paid for the clinic.

•   "Pre-paid Pass" based system for members to buy sessions in bulk then enroll in clinics without checking out each time.
•   Sell Tennis Guest Passes
•   Restrict certain reservation types unless guest passes are used to book.
•   "Bill-me-later" options for specific reservation types.

Included in base price.

•   Communications Module allows Board Members to send information to segmented members.
•   All mail is white-labeled through a separate delivery service to ensure deliverability.
•   Email members based on interest tags, reservation frequency, demographics, product purchased, etc
•   Search sent email
•   Mass emails can be sent to a review queue for testing.
•   Export member emails to CSV to import to outside newsletter providers.
•   Option to connect MailChimp to push new member emails to their service.

•   Email masking contact form.
•   Separate member and non-member contact forms to reach board members.

Facility Reservations
Included in base price.

•   Up to 12 facility areas, reservable by members-only.
•   Morning, Afternoon or Evening pricing.
•   Reserve by the hour pricing.
•   Reservations are pending until paid for via Paypal, then automatically confirmed.
•   "Agree to Terms" toggle that must be checked when paying for a reservation.
•   Admin-only reservable areas.
•   By-pass checkout for certain areas to send members to alternate pages or sites instead of paying.
•   Admins can reserve for members and request payment at time of booking.

Front Desk App
Included in base price.

•   Search and check-in members using our Front Desk app.
•   Log data to comply with any State requirements to track members vs guests.
•   Track both the Total In for the day (required in some states) and Total Currently at the Club.
•   Realtime attendance total can be shown in the Member Dashboard.
•   Take photos of adult aged members.
•   Attendants can subtract or add Pre-paid Guest Passes using our app.
•   Attendants can add to a member's unpaid guest balance so payment is not required at time of entry.
•   Concession credit can be added or subtracted in the same fashion using our app.
•   Members can optionally receive Text or Email notifications when sub-accounts or dependents check into the pool solo or leave without an adult member there.

Self-Service Kiosk App
Included in base price.

•   Use our Member Check-In App in kiosk mode to let members self check-in.
•   Real-time directory of active members only.
•   Log attendance data to comply with any State requirements.
•   PIN based authentication.
•   Members can check-in sub-accounts, dependents, & babysitters.
•   Members can self-deduct Pre-paid Passes when bringing guests.
•   Members can optionally receive Text or Email notifications when sub-accounts or dependents check into the pool solo or leave without an adult member there.

Mobile Reservations
Included in base price.

•   Reserve tennis courts, swim lanes, poolside tables, etc, through our iOS app
•   Create or cancel reservations within seconds
•   Report reservation no-shows.
•   If your grid allows members to ignore their daily limits when an area or court is unreserved close to the start time, the app will show last minute availibility.

Member's Only Dashboard
Included in base price.

•   Quick access via PIN or persistant sign-in to a Member Dashboard
•   Dashboard access allows members to make reservations, add family to their household, view mail sent to them from the server, view documents, etc.
•   Members can view Pre-Paid Guest or Concession balances (all financial data storage and credit card processing is done via Paypal).
•   Members can change their email or PIN.

Pool/Fitness Reservations
Included in base price.

•   Includes an unlimited number of pool or fitness reservation grids.
•   Each grid can have 60 reservable areas.
•   Customize area names (Table 1, Lounger 2, Lane 3, etc) .
•   Customize reservation limits on a per grid basis, for example - number of days in advance, max per day overall total on the grid.
•   Reservation tallies can be totaled among all grids (swim or fitness)
•   Reserve in blocks timed in intervals throughout the day, for example, every 3 hours.
•   Create rules to block off random times of the day or specific areas.
•   Reservations can be cancelled anytime up to the Start Time.
•   Reservations can be marked "Up for grabs" after the Start Time, then transferred to another member.
•   Reservation types can associate a number attending, for example - Single Swimmer = 1 attending.
•   Grids can automatically shut off further reservations if capacity is exceeded (even if some spots are still available).
•   Swim / Fitness reservations can be made through our iOS app or your mobile-friendly website.

Privacy Notes

•   Financial information is never stored on your site. Paypal handles all data related to a member's payment method.
•   Attendants can take photos of account holders using our iPad app. Account holders must be either 13 (or older) or 18 (or older) depending on the club's policy choice and have a valid email.
•   Members can remove their child's name and age at anytime.
•   Your member data is never shared or sold.
•   All of our client websites include SSL certificates.

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