Manage the club like you would any small business...
Using software built specifically to help it run smoothly and grow revenue each year.
Membership made easy
Members pay online and automatically renew another year. It's that simple.

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Reserve from your PoolDues powered site or our iOS app.
You know name it, and your members can reserve it. Tennis courts, cabanas, poolside tables, anything. Set up your reservation grids to be perfection, then consider some of our extra features, like requiring Tennis Guest Passes to book.

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Front Desk Apps
Verify members, log attendance, deduct guest passes or subtract pre-paid concession credit.

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No cash?
It's ok. Members can pre-load their accounts with concession credit. If they owe, we make it easy to invoice everyone with a negative balance.

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Make sure you are paying for guards when it counts.
Did your club struggle with guard shortages this year? Use the check-in data from our Front Desk apps to better determine when members are actually at the pool. Are people rarely at the pool past 8pm even on weekends? Do you really need 2 guards when the average attendance falls below a certain amount? Even if you pay a swim management company to staff your guards, having accurate attendance data is important to knowing how many members your club can actually support.
Going alone? Get notified.
Are your kids old enough to go solo, but not old enough for a phone? Parents can opt into receiving text or email alerts when their kids check in or out alone.

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Built in communications!
We know your members better than any third party service. Starting with who is actually a member.

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Made for volunteers.
We get it, you don't want to be doing this forever (or at all). Our software will make you feel confident you can pass on your role to someone else and the club will keep running smoothly.

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