Reserve time at the pool...

Worried about how to handle lowered capacities? Our built-in Pool Reservation Grid gives every member what they paid for this Summer.

See our new Features for 2021...

New tools for your Pros!

Strengthen your tennis program and attract new members! New features include RSVP-style clinics, offsite payment options for instructors, Wait Lists and more!

Explore this new reservation type!

Everything your club needs!

A one-stop-shop for swim and tennis clubs. Site hosting, member billing, tennis apps, front desk apps, self-service check-in kiosks, content management, board member tools, etc!

Got a Front Desk Attendant?

We've got an app for that! Made just for gate attendants. Verify members with photos, add or subtract guest passes and concessions credit!

Worried about your own liability?

Protect volunteers with your club's own waiver terms that MUST be agreed to prior to purchasing. Discourage frivolous lawsuits from even starting.

Young families are your future

Is your current site attractive enough to them? Or worse, is it actually pushing them away?

Psst, hey Treasurer...

You shouldn't lift a finger for money-received. Just let the money come in through the site, and kick back. We organize it all.

Do more for Sponsors

Sponsoring the pool shouldn't be about charity. Give local advertisers more exposure on your site AND in your app. Sponsor ads show when someone checks in or reserves a court.

Need a modern tennis grid?

Can members quickly create or cancel reservations from an app? Is it attractive enough to pull in tennis-only memberships?

Is the pool your second job?

Our suite of tools was built just for swim and tennis clubs. We put an end to manually figuring who is a member and who needs invoicing.

Get more memberships

Prospective members are shopping for a club. Literally. Don't lose impulse buyers by putting unnecessary steps between them and joining instantly.

This guy is never late to pay

Once a membership expires, access to privileges like court reservations are automatically on hold. Now that's a reason to pay on time!

Automate your club or HOA

Encourage members to sign up for recurring billing. They will never get invoiced needlessly, and make your Treasurer's life easier.

Facilities Made Easy

Rent out your clubhouse or outdoor pavilions with a modern reservation grid. Members agree to terms, book and pay online to reserve.

Do more all year

Plan events around members that actually pay upfront. Rain or shine, cover your costs for big parties by pre-selling tickets to any of your annual shindigs!

Families move in the Summer

By offering a Recurring Yearly option, families that move late in the Summer are more likely to join sooner than later. And you get a potential 30 year member!

Tools Made for Clubs

Our Board Member Dashboard has unique tools and insights made for specific roles: Treasurer, Membership, Sponsorship, Swim Team, Social, etc. Nothing else has been made like this for neighborhood pools!

Your Grid, Your Settings

Your Tennis Director can customize the reservation grid right down to the colors. We support up to 12 courts at no extra charge.

Let people join anytime

Stop losing members to other clubs that offer quicker, more convenient payment options.

Survive an audit

Bad accounting can cost your club it's non-profit status. Pool Dues will track your sales like only a machine can! Just because your current Treasurer is meticulous, doesn't mean your next one will be.

How is your tennis reservation grid

Get more members

We made volunteering easier at all these clubs. Yours can be next!

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Welcome to v.7

All the tools every club needs, under one roof.
You just have to fill up the pool.

Made by Board Members

Because everything else wasn't really made for us.

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A little bigger than a swim club?

In 2020, we helped HOA's open safely with our pool reservation system. This one had over 3200 homes!

Get new members all year!

Got courts? You should be seeing new players join regularly. Singles, especially.

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Reserve time

Poolside tables, tennis courts, lane reservations - Everything is now in our iOS app.

Simplify your bookkeeping.

By receiving every bit of it online, in one storefront.

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If anyone can just walk in, are you really a Member's Only club?

Let's fix that...

Some of our clients that are generating more revenue AND making volunteer-life easier!

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