Your members don't want to pay by check...

Get paid on time. Plain and simple.

Check-In App, a better storefront & much more!

Everything we have to offer is built to make your neighborhood pool even better!


Billing, Check-In and Content management made just for neighborhood pools.


A treasurer’s dream. We’ll setup your pool with automated billing options (and standard one-time payments). Plus member payment reminders,  enhanced reporting, and much more. Payments go directly to your club.


Make it easy for members to check in anytime, and leave a message to other members (for example, “Here till 3, bring 🍺) with our app. You can even post social updates, send members to your shop, and help advertise your sponsors.


Your members have gone cashless, has your pool? We create a single store for everything club related. Guest fees, special events (adult parties, teen nights, birthdays), tennis programs, clubhouse rentals, fundraisers, and more.

One-Time & Yearly Rebilling for Members

Start collecting member dues through a custom payment portal we set up 100% for you. When given an option, you’ll notice about one-third to one-half of members choose to setup a yearly automatic payment with your club. This not only helps retain members, but also saves you from having to invoice them each year to remind them to pay. 

Payments are sent directly to your club’s Paypal account. Paypal handles all credit card and e-check payment processing.  If you already accept Paypal, your costs will be exactly the same. You can optionally choose to pass on Paypal’s service fees to your members. PoolDues does not add on any charges per payment. 

Make signing into the pool fun. While increasing guest revenue!

Check in App for neighborhood pools

It’s time to retire the traditional old sign-in book. When a member checks in with our iOS or web app , they can leave a short public message. Something like “water feels great, here till 3”. This encourages members to sign in, but also gets more people to the pool!

And let’s be real, paper guestbooks do very little to discourage members from ignoring the cashbox for guest dues. We live in a cashless society, and if a member simply doesn’t have cash, it won’t stop them from bringing their guests in. Nor should it.

But most members want to be honest, and given the option they will. If they check-in via our app and toggle on that they are bringing guests, their status will say… 

If they pay online their status will then update to note they paid, with how much…

Enable Kiosk Mode to Create a Front Desk Check In

Kiosk for Pool Check In

We’ll provide your club with a special login to turn our Member Check In app into “kiosk mode”. Any iOS device can work, but we recommend using an iPad with a kiosk-style case for security (ideally positioned out of the rain).

Members can quickly scroll through their names, and check in with their PIN numbers. That same scroll view will also show which members are currently at the club, which brought guests, and if the member was at the club but has checked out. This also gives board members a birds eye view of club activity.

Who’s here and what’s new? The two biggest questions, answered in one place…

Our lead developer is also social director at his club, so he knows nothing brings more people to the pool than knowing who else will be there. And that’s exactly what inspired the Who Else is Here section of our app. Whether you’ve checked in or not, members can see who’s at the pool. So if it’s a Wednesday night and you’re curious if the pool is hopping on a weekday, you can just peak in. And for anyone concerned about privacy, they can simply hide their check in status. 

Club admins (your treasurer, social director, or whoever) can also manage the news that cycles within the app. So if there’s an upcoming Adult Pool Party, post the dates so people have plenty of advance notice. You can even add a link to your store from the news text. So members can simply tap the update and buy your Special Event product.  

You can even use these updates as an easy way to let members know the progress of a fundraiser. Just enter the product ID in the Manage Club News section of your portal, and we’ll show how much that product has earned the club.

Earnings for Pool Fundraiser up to date

Welcome to In-App Sponsorship. A entirely new revenue stream…

In app Sponsors in our pool check in app

Pools charge around $500 for Gold level Swim Team sponsors. What that actually gets a sponsor varies by pool, but it’s common they get a large spot on the banner that hangs along the pool fence, a link on the pool’s website, announcer mentions at Swim Team meets, and possibly a catering invite for a Family Night Dinner.

Imagine what your pool could get if you connected your members more directly with Sponsors. We call this In-App Sponsorship. You could offer it only to Gold Sponsors, or to every level.  You could even create an entirely new Sponsorship level altogether. After a member checks in they will see a button to Support a Sponsor. This section lists any Sponsor YOU choose to put here. Members can tap to call or visit a Sponsor’s website.

Sponsors can include promotional text by their listing. For example, “Marcos Pizza – Use code: GRCPOOL for 2 large 1 topping pizzas for $17.99”



Say goodbye to your external plugin. Our tennis reservation system is built in!

Most reservation plugins charge $50 per court per year. The PoolDues tennis court reservation system has a modern, mobile-responsive design and best of all it costs nothing more for up to 12 courts.

Since it is completely integrated with the rest of your payment portal, if a membership is past due, that member will no longer be able to reserve a court.  Now that’s an incentive to pay one’s dues on time!

Your club’s tennis director (or other approved board member) has separate reservation options as well as a control panel to adjust the following grid options…

– Start and End Times
– Total Courts
– Days in advance to reserve
– Max concurrent reservations / max per day
– Court Names
– Custom-Named & Colored Reservation Types (i.e. General, Match, Team Practice, Alta, etc)
– Max booking time for each reservation type.

Tennis Directors can cancel or partially cancel any reservation. Block reservations are incredibly easy.  For example,  your director can book Courts 1,2 and 3 for every Tuesday and Wednesday for 5 weeks in a row. 

We start you off with a storefront of common services nearly every pool offers 

After that you can create and edit as many new products or services as you want!

 Why you need a single, unified storefront…

Imagine getting your bill at a restaurant and being asked to pay the cook separate from the waiter. This is actually how many pools are run. Different people collect money in different ways. All these miscellaneous streams of income can add up to thousands each year. Think about how much Swim Team and Tennis alone bring into your club.  If you aren’t treating these like actual products in a single business, you run into problems like this…


Kimberly the Tennis Director takes the initiative to fundraise for new nets. She tells her teams to give her cash or just Venmo / Paypal her personally and she’ll buy the nets.

What happens if she doesn’t raise enough? Or what if she raises more than needed? This method of fundraising is actually really common among clubs but it doesn’t have much accountability.

Read how we solve this problem...

Kimberly could have sent tennis players to a special fundraiser page which showed members how much had been raised toward her goal. Members can select from suggested donation tiers or enter an exact amount if they want to donate more than the minimum suggested tier.

As part of our service, we will even create a unique page for each fundraiser with a progress bar toward the goal.

As usual, all payments have gone through your club’s PoolDues portal, so your club treasurer knows exactly who paid and how much.


Social director, Justin wants to buy a keg for the 4th of July, so he collects cash “donations” from members the day of to cover the cost. By the end of the day, he’s got a wet pocket full of $5 dollar bills, some mental I.O.U.’s, and to further confuse things he gave a member $20 to get more ice and he paid a pizza delivery guy cash.   The next day Justin has to figure out if he covered costs. Does he owe the pool money or do they owe him?

Read how we solve this problem...

Justin should have just told drinkers to make a “Day-Of” Donation of $5 online at the club’s Pool Dues portal.  Members could have also used the Name-Your-Price option if the suggested donation tiers weren’t the right price.

All those payments are easily searchable by date, and Justin can ask the treasurer the next day, “Hey, how many donations did we get on the 4th of July?”.



Swim team needs sponsors, so member Grace volunteers to raise money from local businesses. She spends weekends driving around to meet face-to-face with the owners. Some are receptive and commit in-person to mailing the pool a check. Weeks go by and some businesses haven’t followed through. Did they just forget? Did an oven break between the time the owner committed and decided to mail the check? For whatever reason, the sponsor backed out.

Read how we solve this problem...

Grace should have sent sponsors to your PoolDues payment portal where they could have paid immediately OR even better,  setup a Yearly recurring payment. Most clubs have the same sponsors from year to year, and many business owners would welcome the chance to make their lives easier with a recurring payment.Now the club treasurer can quickly look up stats on who paid and expected income based on recurring Sponsor revenue.

Most importantly though, by giving the Sponsor a quick way to immediately pay, you’ve reduced the chance of losing the sponsor altogether.

All payments are initiated securely using the SSL Certificate we provide for your payment portal.

We note this because as of June 2018, Paypal will require every merchant to send traffic originating from “https://” as opposed to “http://”